USB Flash Drive

Our S2-Digital USB FLash Drives are ideal as advertising media, already available in a small quantity and in different colors and forms, with laser engraving or logo imprint.

USB Touch Pen

USB Flash Drive with a Capacity of 1 – 32 GB
With Touch Pen for iPad, iPhone, Smart Phone, Tablet PC
Special Rubber Top for Precise Touch Function
Individual Logo Imprint or Laser Engraving
Elegant Design

USB-Storage Credit Card 2

This high-qualiy and elegant USB storage credit card in alimunium chassis is ideal for wallet. It is an exclusive advertising media, available with painted logo printing or gravour.

USB-Storage Credit Card

The ultra thin USB Storage Credit Card is ideal to put in your wallet. It is an optimal advertising media for print- and laser-logos (also multi-logos).

USB Stick Cooper 15

The Cooper15 USB Flash Drive is ideal as an advertising medium and can be printed with lettering or logo. The retractable USB connector protects the drive and is equipped with a rotary quick to use. It is available in different colors.